Sponsorship Opportunities

SMPS Oregon programs and special events provide businesses within the A/E/C industry an outstanding business development opportunity. You will gain valuable exposure for your firm, productive networking opportunities, and access to key clients and market intelligence.

SMPS Sponsorship Opportunities 2017-2018


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There are many different ways companies can sponsor our organization…anything from being a Sustaining Sponsor that underwrites many of our core programs, to a Special Event or Program sponsor, to an Education Sponsor that helps us promote skill development for our members.

For more information about how to partner with SMPS Oregon as one of our sponsors, contact Christina Blaser

Programming tracks for SMPS Sponsor Opportunities 2017-2018

In the 2017-2018 year, SMPS‐Oregon plans to present events that may be sponsored by companies or other organizations.

Programs – in November, March, May

Program events typically attract 200 or more attendees, drawn there by high‐level panelists representing project owners, developers, policymakers and others who impact or are impacted by A/E/C. Often the topic is a specific market or project type, from healthcare to transportation systems to economic development in a particular geographic area.

Education Events – in October, February and April

These seminars and workshops are aimed at improving marketing‐related skills and knowledge among industry personnel – from principals and technically‐focused staff to marketing staff and managers. Attendees generally number 60 to 80, focused on topics that range from interviewing techniques to website strategy to measuring marketing ROI.

Special Events – in January and August

  • Annual Cocktail Party honoring Marketing and Business Development thought-leaders in our A/E/C industry.
  • Summer Event

Membership‐Focused Gatherings – throughout the year

  • SMPS-GROW event in September
  • SMPS Talks events in January and June