Changing Expectations in the Workplace

May 17, 2017
4:30pm - 6:00pm
BridgePort Brewpub
1313 NW Marshall St
Portland, OR 97209


How Your Marketing Team Can Help Recruit and Retain Talent

Whether a firm thrives or withers will depend on its assemblage of a talented, integrated team of professionals who feel empowered and committed to give their best.

At this event, we will discuss:

  • The dramatic shift in workplace demographics. By 2020, Generation Y (Millennials) will make up 50% of the workforce. The same benefits that typically drive the retiring Baby Boomers (stability, good pay, and good healthcare packages) are not necessarily what keeps Millennials satisfied (flexible schedules, creative license, and supportive company culture). We’ll talk about how this can be leveraged in your recruitment techniques.
  • How to best utilize existing resources in the talent hunt. Expending effort on recruitment does not necessarily mean spending more money. We’ll go over how your marketing team and other in-house resources can be tapped to entice prospective employees.
  • The competitive benefits of an inclusive culture. We’ll discuss how diversity and inclusion can grow your talent pool and yield more diverse and innovative ideas.